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  1. Hi, I am Judy married to Eddy 4 yrs ago. After our marriage, we are working very hard for making a baby. No matter how hard we tried, we fail. We when for medical Check-up, my husband and i are in perfect condition and we when for acupunture and take tradisional medicine. I still did not conceive. Personally I don't believe in Feng shui, but my mother brought Master Peter Lai to my home, and did some adjustment. He move my bed, and change the colour of my room. I wasn't happy with my mother's arrangement but i still follow her instruction. To my surprise i was pregnant after 3 months, we did not go for any acupunture or take any western medication because we are giving up. I am nine months pregnant now,glad i follow my mom's instruction. The reason i wrote so much is, i would like to apologize and to show my gratitude of appreciation to Master Lai. Thank You Master Lai, you are the sunshine of our family. Feng shui really transform my life. Please if you people out there having any problem please call Master Lai, he is more then willing to help.
    Judy & Eddy Kulai, Johor
  2. Thanks a lot for your help in locating the fengshui in our office, After a few days our business become smoother. We close deals everyday. www.bluocean.biz
    Michael, Blue Ocean, Singapore
  3. Master Lai Thank you so much for your help. Our business is back on track agian. I have never thought that fengshui really can help revive a business. But i have to admit after Master Lai's feng shui audition and feng shui remedy. Everything turns from wrong to right. Feng Shui really Transform my life. Thank you so much Master Lai.
    Jason Er, Jing Jing Gifts, Singapore
  4. Peter made some changes to my existing shop and within a week, i was amazed that the number of patrons doubled and my sales had increased by 50%. Immediately I engaged him to study my second shop. Have faith in Feng Shui, engaged Peter Lai as your Personal Feng Shui Cosultant. Miracles and wonders can happen to you I NINY, Jelwellery Workshop, Plaza Pelangi, Johor Bahru.
    Mr S.Y.Tee
  5. I had been having difficulty to sleep and everytime I walked into my bedroom i feel uneasy. Peter did a Feng Shui consultation and found the problem. I placed the cures he suggested, the bedroom feel very comfortable now & i sleep well. Thank You Master Peter
    Love from Linda Kong, Singapore
  6. "Peter, Thank You.After reading Jennifer's testimonial, I decided to drop you a testimonial too. After you did the feng shui to my house, my son is almost fully recovered from his asthmatic problem. Sometime we even forget he is having asthmatic problem. He is living a happier life now, enjoying lots of sports. Thanks again.
    Mrs Lim, Singapore
  7. I engaged peter for fengshui consultation in year 2008,after the fengshui adjustment,my asthmatic problem reduced & my salon sales increased 20%. I continue the fengshui audition for year 2009 & 2010,till now my salon sales increase 50% & my asthmatic problem only occur 1-2 times/year.We need to audit our fengshui every year in order to increase the energy. Thanks you peter,you make me believe fengshui tranform my life!!!
    Jennifer Tan-Me Jen Beauty
  8. We got Master Lai to do our house feng shui few years ago. Our relatioship, health and money improved. We are very happy with his service, and we get him back to check the feng shui every year. We also get him to do our Office.
    Mr & Mrs James Smith
  9. Times are bad, my business are getting bad to worse. Planning to get a loan but how long the money can last,with no business. Planning to sell of the business but no buyer. Finally i am lead to no choice, but to close down the business. Until my friend give me the idea of Fengshui and recommended Master Peter Lai. A few weeks after the Fengshui Audition, my business took a turn. Today my business is back on track. Thanks Master Lai, appreciate your help.
    Judy Simpson, Dance Studio, Singapore
  10. Hei, Peter Still remember me the lonely little indian guy. Last year you came to my dad house to do my bedroom fengshui. Just want to say thank you. Got a girlfriend, soon after you done up my bedroom Fengshui and change the colour of my room.I am buying a house soon and getting married, need you to do my house fengshui and select an auspicious date for me. Thanks
    Parameswaran, Ulu Tiram, JB
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