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Feng Shui Consultant - Peter Lai

Master Peter Lai, MBA, Glb. Mgt., Principal Consultant and Founder of Jorgers Enterprise Feng Shui Consultancy Firm, is a qualified Feng Shui Consultant and Professional Trainer with over 30 years of experience. His professionalism in his job has established him as a respected Professional in Malaysia and Major Cities in Asia Pacific.

Feng Shui Consultant: Peter Lai

Prior to his career as a Feng Shui consultant, Master Peter Lai has been a Corporate Consultant and a Branding Consultant. He is specializing in Company Restructuring, Crisis Management, Recession Marketing, and Research Abilities have carried over into his Feng Shui practice.

Master Peter Lai has also studied Feng Shui for many years with many teachers and masters around the world. His years of experience and training have resulted in a down-to-earth, practical application of Feng Shui, Environmental Psychology, Ergonomics, and Interior Design.






Master Lydia Lim,BS B.A, Corp. Finance is a highly respected Feng Shui

Consultant with 15 years of experience. Known for her practical,

common-sense style, warm personality, vas knowledge and expertise,

Master Lydia's Feng Shui Consultancy has included travelling to all parts of the


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Master Peter Lai - MBA, Glb. Mgt.
Feng Shui Master