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Office Feng Shui

Office Feng Shui
Feng Shui Principles for office environment are simple changes to the design and layout of your office will make it better equipped with positive Energy and sense of prosperity and well being.

Office Feng Shui is an important aspect to create and operate your income streams from your workplace.

In  Asia many successful business people have been applying and utilizing workplace Feng Shui for centuries and presently the western world have been aggressively applied and practice Feng Shui.

Office Feng Shui Tips

Remove Clutter
The first rule of Office Feng Shui is to get rid of clutter.
Organize the paperwork and files to weed out those that are unwanted.
Reducing clutter will create space for new opportunities and smooth flow of positive chi or energy.

Position Your Desk
Seat  yourself with your back to a wall, do not have your back facing the door.

Hide Wires
Too many wires and cables are representative of chaos and negative energy, secure them neatly behind furniture.

Placing Plants
Place plants in your office and help you stay connected to the nature world. Green plants helps as filtering systems, reducing toxins and circulating stagnant energy.

Reducing Negative Energy
Place some potted plant next to the computer to absorb the negative chi or energy.

Activate Your Wealth Location
Place the  cash and financial document in the wealth location.
*{Please contact us for your Personal Wealth Location}

Home  Office Rules
Separate the Home Office from home living space in order to keep personal lives separate from works.
Use separate entrance if it allows.

Use Feng Shui Colors
Making use of Feng Shui colors can help you achieve balance in your office.

South area (Fame and Reputation), Colors Red, reddish and Pinkish. Do not use Blue.
North area (Career Path In Life), Colors Blue and White Do not use Black
South area ( Prosperity and Abundance), Colors Green and Brown. Do not use Metal colors
*{Please contact us for your Personal Color Enhancement}


***Above said are only apply to the general concepts of Feng Shui, However to maximize the benefit of Feng Shui you are still advice to seek for your Feng Shui Consultant.


More specific feng shui recommendations involve mathematical calculations based on YOUR birth data and finding the best direction for peak performance; balancing the five elements balance by taking into consideration YOUR own birth element and other feng shui techniques.


Each case is certainly unique and it may not be possible to have an ideal feng shui office at times. If you are in a less than ideal situation, look for Professional Feng Shui Consultant to help create strong backing and attract good Chi, or energy. Contact us now

There are many factors analyzed during a business feng shui consultation, from the general flow of energy to the feng shui of logos and trademarks.

Special attention is paid to the yin-yang balance in the business space, feng shui five elements harmony, the strength of front entrance.


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