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Concept of Yin Yang

Concept of Yin and Yang

To understand the Feng Shui, first you need to understand the concept of YIN and YANG.

Everything in the universe contains CHI (energy), the cosmic life force and chi itself mixed from two forms of energy. (YIN and YANG)

There are two opposing forces in the universe. In order for life to manifest, there must be two poles of energy positive and negative ( YIN AND YANG).

Yang energy is about elements such as openness, light, heat, summer and day time. It represents the spirit.

Yin energy, on the other hand, is shadow, darkness, coldness, winter, night time and it represents matter.

Everything contains either yin or yang energy, chi is made of both yin and yang.

Yin is said to exist in yang and yang exists in yin. The interaction of yin and yang provides the energy of life. When we grasp the concept of chi, we are aware of the subtle energy within and around us.

In feng shui application, harmonizing forces plays a vital role in yin and yang dynamism.

Yang Energy
Positive, Spirit, Male, Day Time, Bright, Sun, Summer, Dry, Hard, Heat, Creative, Active, Heaven, South, Outer Etc.

Yin Energy
Negative, Matter, Female, Night, Darkness, Shade, Winter, Wet, Soft, Cold, Receptive, Passive, Earth, Creation, North, Inner Etc.

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